Adolphus Washington Greely

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U.S. Army General who received the Medal of Honor for “splendid public service.” He entered service as a private in 1861 and retired in 1906 as a Major General (2 Star). During his career he served in three wars (Civil, Indian, and Spanish). As a 1st Lt, Greely was given command of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition in order to collect astonomical and polar magnetic data, as well as establishing a chain of meteorological observation stations. He was one of 6 members of his original 25-member party that were rescued in 1881. He was later promoted to the rank of Captain after serving 20 years as a Lieutenant and then by executive order he was promoted to the rank of Brigadeer General by Executive Order and made the Chief Signal Officer. The only other officer to jump from Captain to Brigadeer General was Bro. John J. Pershing.

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