Famous Masons

Millions of men have been Masons. Most are not much different from you or I. However, there are some who are well-known public figures. There have been noble princes or Kings of the Silver Screen. Some have been leaders of countries or leaders of men. Still others were famous for athletic exploits. Among our ranks are Nobel Laureates and Medal of Honor Winners. Still others are medical giants or giants of industry.

Scan through our list and see how many men were famous in their everyday lives but were still humble enough to level themselves with the Fraternity and met with their brothers as equals.


Edward E. Aldrin - An Air Force pilot and the second man to walk on the moon.

Benedict Arnold - Most famous (or infamous) for betraying the Continental Army to the British during the American Revolution

Henry Arnold - A General in both the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force


John Brown - Famed Abolitionistand leader of the Raid on Harpers Ferry


Walter P. Chrysler - American automobile manufacturer and the Founder of Chrysler

Samuel Langhorne Clemens - Famed American Author

DeWitt Clinton - Governor of New York and the founder of the New York Public School System

Tyrus Raymond Cobb - American Major League Baseball Player

George M. Cohan - Actor, Composer and Playwright who wrote Yankee Doodle and Give My Regards to Broadway.

David Crockett - A famous frontiersman and statesmen who made the ultimate sacrafice at the Alamo.


William Harrison Dempsey - Professional Boxer and Heavy Weight Champion in the 1920s

James Harold Doolittle - U.S. Army Aviator and the man who led the raid on Tokyo

Arthur Conan Doyle - Famed Author and creator of the character Sherlock Holmes.


Benjamin Franklin - Inventor and Statesmen, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.


Richard Gatling - Known for inventing the Gatling gun which is one of the best-known early rapid-fire weapons and a forerunner to the machine gun.

William Schwenck Gilbert - Composer of such plays as The Mikado, and The Pirates of Penzance

Adolphus Washington Greely - U.S. Army General and Arctic Explorer


Frank Hamer - Texas Ranger who was involved in tracking down and killing the infamous duo of Bonnie and Clyde.

John Edgar Hoover - The first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

Rogers Hornsby - American Major League Baseball Player


Joseph Rudyard Kipling - Author most known for writing The Jungle Book, and the poem Gunga Din.


Pierre Charles L’Enfant - Military and Civil Engineer best known for his work laying out the design of Washington DC.

Charles A. Lindbergh - Aviator who made the first solo flight across the Atlantic


Douglas MacArthur - U.S. Army General who oversaw the surrender and occupation of Japan following WW II.

George Catlett Marshall - Military General and Statesmen

Tom Hezikiah Mix - Mix was the "King of Cowboys" having appear in 291 movies.

Jacques Etienne Montgolfier - Co-inventor (with his brother) of the first Hot Air Balloon.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Famous Composer

Audie Murphy - Most decorated U.S. Soldier in WW II


Robert E. Peary - First man to reach the North Pole

John Joseph Pershing - American General and creator of the U.S. Army Reserve Officers Training Corps

Zebulon Pike - U.S. Army General and Explorer

George Pullman - Inventor of the Pullman Sleeping Car which became a standard for all rail service around the world.


Paul Revere - Known for participating in the famous ride that alerted towns that the "British are Coming."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - 32nd U.S. President

Theodore Roosevelt - 26th U.S. President


Robert William Service - British-Canadian poet


Danny Thomas - Actor and Founder of the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital which focuses on pediatric care.

Dave Thomas - Businessman and Founder of the Wendy's Chain of Restaurants

Harry S. Truman - 33rd U.S. President


Lewis Wallace - U.S. General during the Civil War who fought in the Battle of Shiloh

George Washington - First President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the American Army during the American Revolution.

John Wayne - American Actor

Christopher Wren - Architect and founding member of the Royal Society

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