Our New Masonic Year Begins

Congratulations to all the newly installed Officers of Lawton 183. Worshipful Master, W:. James Oates III, Senior Warden – W:. Michael Carrick, Junior Warden – Bro. Dale Teel, Treasurer – W:. Joe Rough, Secretary – W:. Glen Chaney, Chaplain – Bro. Joe Millsap, Senior Deacon – W:. Benny Roberts, Junior Deacon – Eddy Prisby, Senior Steward – W:. John Morris, Junior Steward – Bro. Nicholas Vain, Tyler – Bro. James Reid.

We look forward to another Great Year of Masonry and Brotherhood. We sincerely thank everyone that supports our Masonic Lodge, efforts and fundraisers throughout the year!

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